Twine = Adorable Flowers

I am addicted to Pinterest (probably not a good thing), but there are so many ideas for wedding DIY’s.  I loved making my wedding board (check it out here). It really provided a great way to bring together ideas and for me to remember them!

Our wedding evolved on Pinterest: I knew what I wanted the wedding to be, but putting it into pictures really helped convince the Mister on the feel of the wedding!  I knew I wanted a casual, vintage garden party and that is exactly what we got! To get this “style” we thrifted all of the flatware and dishes.  The mix of old vintage dishes really made that happen, plus now I have over 80 of everything (plates, dessert plates, bowls, salad plates etc.) I am not planning on keeping them all…maybe…but rather re-selling them.  I am keeping one full set that services 20 (‘ello dinner party!!) that is a plain white with a lovely gold trim (and made in the USA!).  So, because it was cheaper to thrift the flatware (and I can re-sell that too!), we needed napkins, thus needing a napkin holder.  We purchased oversized napkins (those puppies were HUGE) from RealDeals (a dollar store), 2 for $1.  We were able to cut the napkins in half, and re-did the hem along the cut side (yea, they were that big), and brought down the average cost of our napkins to .25cents a piece! You can’t even rent them for that cheap!  We washed them in clorox (they were white), hung them out to dry on the clothesline and then ironed all of them.

Okay, so we had all of the napkins and flatware, so we needed something to hold them together.  I saw these adorable twine flowers-I loved them, so I started making them, without thought as to what they’d be.  I made them while the Mister watched hockey (eh-oh, Canada!).  They are SUPER addictive to make, and even after I had enough, I found myself wanting to keep on making them!  Check out The Bugbytes for the full tutorial.

I used a glass to measure the ‘loom’ and used simple sewing pins to keep everything in place.  I made sure to keep the strings long enough to tie around the flatware bundles (this was after my Aunt and Mom complained they were too short. hehe!) Once we tied a couple, they looked a little plane, so we decided to bejewel them!

Silverware Tie: Property of LemonDelights


Here one of the guests, my MOH’s (check out her amazing blog at Beautifully Contained) sister, added them to our wedding favours.  Too stinking cute!

Twine flowers



The Wedding Dress

I know we’ve all see those wedding shows that are far too popular.  The ones where brides spend a crazy amount on a dress and you scoff at their choice and claim you’ll NEVER spend that much on a dress…for one day. But let’s be honest, we all want to look amazing on this big day and will sometimes succumb to those nasty retail demons. I mean, I almost did!

My MOH and I went wedding dress shopping and I knew I wanted lace (cha-ching) and something that was flattering to my build. We found a beautiful dress (Allure 2455).  Oh hello gorgeous! I still love this dress, however, I did NOT love the price tag.  It was so difficult to walk away from this dress, but, I knew I didn’t want to spend that kind of money on a dress…for one day. (A wedding is one day, a marriage is a life time!)

Allure 2455 Wedding Dress

As I love to find a deal and wanted to save money wherever possible, my MOH and I took to the internet.  We tried sites like TheKnot, PreOwnedWeddingDresses, WeddingBee and even Ebay. We looked for weeks for this dress, maybe even months.  The problem with trying to find a dress online is well…the sizing.  So we widen our search to similar dresses.  That’s when my MOH found it! On Etsy from DressbLee‘s shop!!!

Etsy Wedding Dress

I know what you’re thinking…buying your wedding dress off the internet, that’s crazy! And it’s coming from China…”Man this girl is crazy!” You know, I felt I was a little nuts too, I read all of the horrifying reviews online, but there had only been positive reviews from this specific shop, so I took the chance. I paid a total of $250 (including shipping) for my dress. Much less than the Allure dress, and I love this neck line so much more because I’m a bit busty and we were married in a church (hello modesty!).

I sent my measurements in to the shop and within two-three weeks I received my dress! I was blown away at the quality of it and that it actually fit!! I received nothing but compliments on my dress.  Few people actually believe I only spent $250 on it!  I did have to get it bustled and the shoulders taken in a little bit at a local tailors…this cost me $20-$30.  So in total, I spent $270-$280 on my dress.  I had enough left over in my dress budget that I was able to buy a second shorter dress for the reception, which I picked up at JCP for $40! I’ve even worn the short dress twice since the wedding!

Here are some shots from the wedding and of my dress! I just love(d) how it looks:





Like I said earlier, I bought a second shorter dress (It gets hot in NY in June!) Check it out! 🙂


This photo makes my heart sing (I mean, all of them do, really…) But this photo is of my girlfriends from Freshman year of college. And it’s us, through and through.

To summarize, how to save money on your wedding dress:

  • Go and shop around, try on dresses and find exactly what you want
  • STICK TO YOUR BUDGET, it doesn’t matter what the lady on Say Yes to The Dress spends, it’s YOUR wedding and you need to stay with what is comfortable for you!
  • Seriously, don’t break your bank on a dress…you wear it once.
  • Don’t be afraid to use a second hand dress, a thrifted find or even a hand-me-down. There’s more love in a previously worn dress.
  • Don’t be pressured into buying a dress: I’m so glad I only had my MOH with me when I found the Allure dress, she is a thrifty chic too, so she knew my budget and didn’t push me into buying something I would feel guilty about later.
  • If you do get a second dress, make sure it’s practical.  I love my little white dress and love that I can wear it again!