Stuffed Owl-Jasper’s Toy

Jasper loves stuffed animals. We were buying them monthly because he would eat through them, ripping their stuffing out and leaving just the shell of the creature.  It was actually really sad. So, I decided to actually make him on. I had some extra duck canvas lying around from a gym bag I made the Mister and some scraps of colourful fabric too. I wanted something pretty simple to make, with NO extremities, they are too easy to rip off-so I decided on an owl. Look at this poor animal-Jasper destroyed it.  This little reindeer donated his stuffing and squeaker for the new toy.

The innards have been removed.

The innards have been removed.

I made an outline of the owl on wax paper after looking on Pinterest for some inspiration. I cut out the two pieces of the duck canvas first and then cut out all of the little pieces: the eyes, beak, wings and chest portions.

After everything was cut out, I pinned them onto one piece of the duck canvas.

All pinned up!

Then I got to sewing those parts on.  The eyes were the trickiest.  I made sure to stitch everything down really well as it was going to the dog’s mouth.

Sewing him up: Property of LemonDelights

Then I flipped the ‘face’ of the owl, right side down, onto the other piece of duck canvas and stitched almost all the way around, leaving an opening to put the stuffing and squeaker in.

Then I stuffed everything in and stitched up the little opening. I gave it to Jasper, and he love(d) it! I made the toy about 6 months ago, and it’s still in one piece!!

Jasper and his Owl: Property of LemonDelights

In total this revamped toy cost me NOTHING! 🙂 Have you ever made a stuffed toy?