The Red Wall

Men used to own our house.  There is nothing wrong with this, however, their decorating choices were…well not to my taste.  Thankfully, some paint, curtains and pretty pink things wipe away that masculinity. ha.

There was a red wall in our front sitting room:

Pre-us moving in: Red wall & massive black couch.

Pre-us moving in: Red wall & massive black couch.

It was so dark and overpowering, plus with the big ol’ (working YAY!) fireplace, it was just too much. I hated it.  So I set to painting it. We went with Duo Inspirational White from CIS.  It has undertones of Grey in it, which works really well with the rest of the sitting room, which are a lovely (shockingly) light grey.  As the paint was a primer/paint in one, it only took two coats to cover that horrible red.   Painting the walls white made a drastic difference.

Already looking better!

Already looking better!

Woo! Both sides painted and painters tape removed!

Woo! Both sides painted and painters tape removed!

Then, we came to all this wasted space. We searched  long and hard: we looked for pre-made bookshelves, but they were all so deep (we are working with a 9″ wide area because of how the window is situated).  We then went to pre-made shelves, but they were too expensive for what they were offering.  After that we decided to DIY it.  We attempted this shelving unit thing…needless to say, we all have projects that take a total dive bomb and this was one of them.  The  shelving unit is now tucked away in the basement and I’m using it to store crafts on.

After hemming and yawing a little longer, we decided floating shelves were the way to go.  Thank goodness for Young, House, Love and Build it with Ana, we did not have to search long! Check out the fantastic post here!

Anywho, our space was 52″ on one side and 53″ on the other (from wall to wall), so we decided to make them 48″ and centre the shelves.  There might have been some math mis-calculations on my end, which the Mister had to adjust…twice. Oops.  Good thing he loves me! 🙂

Please ignore the mess:) The TV will eventually find another place, just haven't gotten there yet! :)

Please ignore the mess:) The TV will eventually find another place, just haven’t gotten there yet! 🙂

It’s a work in progress, but I think it looks a MILLION times better! What do you think?


Twine = Adorable Flowers

I am addicted to Pinterest (probably not a good thing), but there are so many ideas for wedding DIY’s.  I loved making my wedding board (check it out here). It really provided a great way to bring together ideas and for me to remember them!

Our wedding evolved on Pinterest: I knew what I wanted the wedding to be, but putting it into pictures really helped convince the Mister on the feel of the wedding!  I knew I wanted a casual, vintage garden party and that is exactly what we got! To get this “style” we thrifted all of the flatware and dishes.  The mix of old vintage dishes really made that happen, plus now I have over 80 of everything (plates, dessert plates, bowls, salad plates etc.) I am not planning on keeping them all…maybe…but rather re-selling them.  I am keeping one full set that services 20 (‘ello dinner party!!) that is a plain white with a lovely gold trim (and made in the USA!).  So, because it was cheaper to thrift the flatware (and I can re-sell that too!), we needed napkins, thus needing a napkin holder.  We purchased oversized napkins (those puppies were HUGE) from RealDeals (a dollar store), 2 for $1.  We were able to cut the napkins in half, and re-did the hem along the cut side (yea, they were that big), and brought down the average cost of our napkins to .25cents a piece! You can’t even rent them for that cheap!  We washed them in clorox (they were white), hung them out to dry on the clothesline and then ironed all of them.

Okay, so we had all of the napkins and flatware, so we needed something to hold them together.  I saw these adorable twine flowers-I loved them, so I started making them, without thought as to what they’d be.  I made them while the Mister watched hockey (eh-oh, Canada!).  They are SUPER addictive to make, and even after I had enough, I found myself wanting to keep on making them!  Check out The Bugbytes for the full tutorial.

I used a glass to measure the ‘loom’ and used simple sewing pins to keep everything in place.  I made sure to keep the strings long enough to tie around the flatware bundles (this was after my Aunt and Mom complained they were too short. hehe!) Once we tied a couple, they looked a little plane, so we decided to bejewel them!

Silverware Tie: Property of LemonDelights


Here one of the guests, my MOH’s (check out her amazing blog at Beautifully Contained) sister, added them to our wedding favours.  Too stinking cute!

Twine flowers


Wedding Invitations and Save the Dates!

People need to know about your wedding right? I mean, if you don’t send invitations, you’ll just be throwing a party for yourself and the hubster.  I mean, this would be pretty alright, but that’s a lot of money just to have a party for two people 🙂

So the Mister’s family is from Canada (eh!), more specifically British Columbia and Alberta (further out West) and my family and the mass majority of my friends are from the East Coast USA! We decided to have our wedding in New York for a number of different reasons.  Anyway, because people would have to travel, we wanted to give people enough time to book their necessary holiday travel.  We sent our Save-the-dates out around 6 months in advance (more than enough time to book necessary travel arrangements).

I knew I wanted something casual, so off to Pinterest I went. I found the most adorable DIY Save-the-dates. You can check them out hereThey are super adorable and exactly what I was looking for.  However, these were being mailed in the UK and their postal service allows for different items to be on the outside of their package (as does the US, but with an extra cost…we’ll get to that later).  I did away with the raffia ribbon and went with an adorable pink heart on the back.

I bought all of the paper (heavy card stock for the card: which you can’t tell from the photos, but had a white bark pattern on the inside and was a brown bag colour on the outside. for the heart, it was a cotton based pink paper with little raised gold bumps) from Joann Fabrics, with a coupon, of course.  I believe it was like a 35-50% off total purchase, so the Save-the-dates cost me…um…maybe $20 to make? My MOH and I spent an evening trying to figure out the printing configuration, but when we did, we were set! We made a template of the necessary size and got set to printing, hand writing the names, folding and  sealing with a little love (the adorable pink heart…which we cut by hand).


This adorable picture was taken by one of my girlfriends, Jessica! Thank goodness for her, or else I wouldn’t have a photo of the save the dates!

So, how stinking cute are those? Well, I was totally prepared to pay the regular standard postage, but uh…because of those adorable little pink hearts, I had to pay a little extra because they needed to be hand processed so the hearts didn’t rip! I mean, it was totally worth it, but it was an unexpected cost.

For the invitations, I search for someone to make them for the longest time, but I simply couldn’t bring myself to actually pay someone thousands to make me invitations! So, I went to Etsy (oh, that site makes me so happy…maybe not my wallet, but my heart is happy). I searched for a bit until I found exactly what I wanted.  The shop is called SplashofSilver and were amazing to work with.  Robbie and I went back and forth maybe 4 or 5 times.  He was able to get the colours exactly right and incorporate the font (Lobster) I had used on the Save-The-Dates.  FYI-You can find some adorable FREE fonts online!  In a couple of days, I had my file of invitations (Main invitation, Thank you cards, Directions and the RSVP cards.  The total was $50, and was so worth it. Instead of bringing my files to a kinkos or another printing place, I decided to print my own out! Whoa, getting spicy here.

I have a canon printer and my ink (for both the black and colour) costs $50. I bought one pack for everything.  Then I bought the card stock, which was…um…max $10.  I also had to buy the envelopes, those cost $10 for over 100 (so now I have extra!).  I bought plain ivory envelopes, because let’s be honest, people just throw them away. So now I’m in a total of $120 for invitations (custom made invitations too boot!). It took me a day or two to print off everything.  Then my MOH and I spent a night stuffing envelopes-which was a lot of fun.

I made some detailed directions for those coming from out of town (not all the guests got them) and printed them on regular coloured paper…pink I think, that we had around the house.  I also wasn’t sure how to tell people it was okay to bring a guest, so I made a little “business card” size simply saying “Please bring a guest!” (or something similar to that).

I also got my thank you cards along with my purchase from SplashofSilver.  I bought coloured card stock ($8) and sweet little scalloped envelopes from the dollar store ($1 for 6).  I also bought cute little hearts (to play off the hearts from the Save the Dates!) for $1. I printed them off and then I trimmed them with a pair of scalloped scissors I had (uh…who’s crafty now?!). I also added in a photo or two to each Thank you Card.  I printed them off for less than .13cents a piece. So, that was…$20!

A word to the wise, our RSVP’s were postcards (adorable) that the guests were able to write a mad-lib sorts on the back.  (I’ll write a post about those later!). But, I made our RSVP cards a little too big for the standard postcard size, so I had to purchase extra postage: just be aware of your sizing, before you purchase your stamps. 🙂

Things I learned from making your own invitations and save-the-dates:

  • Stay within your budget (man, I feel like a broken record here).
  • Find something that reflects your style and how you want to present your wedding to your guests.
  • Don’t be afraid to DIY it! You CAN do it! Even if you make a couple of mistakes, it’ll still save you a TON of money to make your own.
  • Make sure to have someone proof your documents (I misspelled our website, but thankfully my MOH caught it before we printed it all).
  • Make sure you check your postage BEFORE you buy stamps. 🙂
  • If you are mailing invitations outside of the country and want your RSVP’s back, make sure you put the correct postage on them. We were able to get stamps (From Canada-shipping to the US) for our Canadian guests.
  • Don’t waste money where it’s not necessary.
  • Save your RSVP’s 🙂
  • Total cost of Invitations, Thank you cards, envelopes and Save the Dates (Sans postage): $161 for  (compared to $1000’s you COULD spend)!