Yellow, neighbours!

We’ve moved in (both of us…post about the PR process coming soon)!! I am so excited to finally be a homeowner, as is the Mister.  We made a long list of things to do, but, I decided to stray from the list while he is travelling for work:)

When we first met, the Mister lived in a flat that had a bright pink front door and I forever fell in love with coloured doors.  I knew that once we finally owned a house, I’d be painting the door.  I looked all over for inspiration (‘ell pinterest) and just loved all of the colours I saw.  So I went to the local Home Depot and picked up a mess of paint chips in a range of colours (blues, greens, yellows and reds).

I taped them to the door and made the Mister and my brother (who is visiting) stand back until we figured out which way to go.  The greens I had picked out were too dark, the reds looked funny (although I do love Behr’s coral colour and hope to use it elsewhere in the house), the blues (a beautiful peacock blue) just didn’t pop enough.  I mean, if you’re going to have a colourful door, it should pop! So then came the yellow: Yellow happens to be my favourite colour, it makes me instantly happy.


“Sundance” by CIS

We took the door off the hinges, took off the hardware and sanded it.

Brother getting his sand on

Brother getting his sand on

Then we got to painting. We had a primer/paint combo, so priming necessary. (Sorry about the limited number of pictures…getting  your brother to slow down for photos ‘your blog’ is rather difficult).


Jasper wanted to be involved in the process

We did 3 coats of paint because it the brown was so dark, which means extra drying time.  Thankfully it is so dry and hot here that it took no time at all.


Drying door

So here is the before:



And after (Please excuse the quality of this photo…took it from the iPad):


What do you think? Do you have a colourful door?