Birdcage Veil

If you haven’t guessed already, I’m drawn to the vintage life.  I love (almost) all things vintage, but I adore the style the most.  When looking for a veil, there was no contest: I wanted a birdcage veil.  They are vintage and glamorous, but incredibly expensive at bridal shops and even on Etsy.  So off to Pinterest I went. I found a  couple great tutorials from: Wedding Chicks, Project Wedding, and Martha.  My MOH  and I tried to make a veil…this is also the same night we decided to try out different alcoholic drinks for the wedding. We tried to make a fabric flower to put on the veil too…we kept burning our fingers. The tutorial is really great though, check it out on The Polka Dot Closet.  Anyway, we learned that drinking and veil making do not go together…so we gave up on the veil making and continued the necessary task of trying out the drinks. I decided instead of trying to make a flower from scratch, I took a stem flower from JoAnn’s and disassemble it.  I bought a 25″ Gardenia Spray (found here).  I also bought a fancy button (sparkles and all) from JoAnn’s, it was under $5. After the flowers were disassembled, I used one of the green center pieces to the flowers and started from the largest petals on the bottom and worked up to the smallest.  I then strung the button with some thread and fed it through the green stem.  I did this back and forth a couple of times to secure the petals.

Flower: Property of LemonDelights

Thankfully my Mom is super crafty (she is also a florist and did all my flowers for the wedding!!) and helped with the veil.  We used a plain hair comb because the flower covered it up. After some adjusting the length, it was perfect! We ended up using about 14-16″ of veiling material. I think it turned out lovely and only cost $5 for the flowers/button, $2 for the hair comb, $3-5 for the netting, a total of $10-12! A savings of roughly $50-$60!

Me: Property of LemonDelights

Post nuptials :)

Post nuptials 🙂

I am so lucky to have such a beautiful MOH and best friend.

I am so lucky to have such a beautiful MOH and best friend.


Twine = Adorable Flowers

I am addicted to Pinterest (probably not a good thing), but there are so many ideas for wedding DIY’s.  I loved making my wedding board (check it out here). It really provided a great way to bring together ideas and for me to remember them!

Our wedding evolved on Pinterest: I knew what I wanted the wedding to be, but putting it into pictures really helped convince the Mister on the feel of the wedding!  I knew I wanted a casual, vintage garden party and that is exactly what we got! To get this “style” we thrifted all of the flatware and dishes.  The mix of old vintage dishes really made that happen, plus now I have over 80 of everything (plates, dessert plates, bowls, salad plates etc.) I am not planning on keeping them all…maybe…but rather re-selling them.  I am keeping one full set that services 20 (‘ello dinner party!!) that is a plain white with a lovely gold trim (and made in the USA!).  So, because it was cheaper to thrift the flatware (and I can re-sell that too!), we needed napkins, thus needing a napkin holder.  We purchased oversized napkins (those puppies were HUGE) from RealDeals (a dollar store), 2 for $1.  We were able to cut the napkins in half, and re-did the hem along the cut side (yea, they were that big), and brought down the average cost of our napkins to .25cents a piece! You can’t even rent them for that cheap!  We washed them in clorox (they were white), hung them out to dry on the clothesline and then ironed all of them.

Okay, so we had all of the napkins and flatware, so we needed something to hold them together.  I saw these adorable twine flowers-I loved them, so I started making them, without thought as to what they’d be.  I made them while the Mister watched hockey (eh-oh, Canada!).  They are SUPER addictive to make, and even after I had enough, I found myself wanting to keep on making them!  Check out The Bugbytes for the full tutorial.

I used a glass to measure the ‘loom’ and used simple sewing pins to keep everything in place.  I made sure to keep the strings long enough to tie around the flatware bundles (this was after my Aunt and Mom complained they were too short. hehe!) Once we tied a couple, they looked a little plane, so we decided to bejewel them!

Silverware Tie: Property of LemonDelights


Here one of the guests, my MOH’s (check out her amazing blog at Beautifully Contained) sister, added them to our wedding favours.  Too stinking cute!

Twine flowers


Stuffed Owl-Jasper’s Toy

Jasper loves stuffed animals. We were buying them monthly because he would eat through them, ripping their stuffing out and leaving just the shell of the creature.  It was actually really sad. So, I decided to actually make him on. I had some extra duck canvas lying around from a gym bag I made the Mister and some scraps of colourful fabric too. I wanted something pretty simple to make, with NO extremities, they are too easy to rip off-so I decided on an owl. Look at this poor animal-Jasper destroyed it.  This little reindeer donated his stuffing and squeaker for the new toy.

The innards have been removed.

The innards have been removed.

I made an outline of the owl on wax paper after looking on Pinterest for some inspiration. I cut out the two pieces of the duck canvas first and then cut out all of the little pieces: the eyes, beak, wings and chest portions.

After everything was cut out, I pinned them onto one piece of the duck canvas.

All pinned up!

Then I got to sewing those parts on.  The eyes were the trickiest.  I made sure to stitch everything down really well as it was going to the dog’s mouth.

Sewing him up: Property of LemonDelights

Then I flipped the ‘face’ of the owl, right side down, onto the other piece of duck canvas and stitched almost all the way around, leaving an opening to put the stuffing and squeaker in.

Then I stuffed everything in and stitched up the little opening. I gave it to Jasper, and he love(d) it! I made the toy about 6 months ago, and it’s still in one piece!!

Jasper and his Owl: Property of LemonDelights

In total this revamped toy cost me NOTHING! 🙂 Have you ever made a stuffed toy?